The main focus of RCHEN is our participation in the Ad Hoc Committee for Illinois Home Education Legal and Legislative Matters.

What is Ad Hoc?

"Ad Hoc is a consensus driven group comprising three different homeschool organizations who advocate for homeschools throughout Illinois regardless of religion, ethnicity or homeschool philosophy. Established in 1984, we are dedicated to protecting private home schools from state regulations that infringe upon the liberty of parents in the education of their children. Working by consensus, we present unified positions to state school officials and legislators on important legislative and legal issues impacting home education in Illinois. We are committed to advancing the principle of academic freedom for the good of all citizens in Illinois." http://www.il-adhoc.org/

RCHEN has a representative on the Ad Hoc committee. Our rep closely follows the legislative season, and reports from our lobbyist in Springfield on homeschooling matters.

RCHEN's Ad Hoc representative has served homeschoolers in Illinois for decades, working diligently to preserve and protect our freedoms in the state of Illinois! Learn more about the important work of Ad Hoc here, and if you are able, consider donating to help with the cost of the lobbyist: http://www.il-adhoc.org/adhoc-in-action